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A look at doctors that stopped taking insurance and charge membership fees

Under the traditional health insurance system, a large staff was required just to navigate all the paperwork, he said. That resulted in high overhead, forcing doctors like Nunamaker to take on more patients to cover costs. Plus, the amount insurance companies were willing to pay for procedures was declining, leading to a vicious cycle. So […]

Health insurance premiums set to rise in 2016

Federal officials said Monday that the price of the second-lowest-cost midrange “silver plan”—a key metric for premiums around the country—will increase by 7.5% on average across the three-dozen states that rely on Washington to administer the health law for them. State insurance regulators around the country have largely approved all or most of the hefty […]

The closing of several health insurance coops will provide consumers with less options and higher prices

Ten health insurers known as co-ops are shutting down. Co-ops were created by the Affordable Care Act to compete against established insurance companies on price thereby providing consumers with less expensive insurance coverage options. Closings announced so far comprise more than one-third of the co-ops established by Obamacare. Over the last few years, their prices […]